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Picture uploader
Picture Uploader:

Do you have many items and want to list them simultaneously at Coollectors with a press of a button ?

Enjoy Coollectors Bulk Lister tool, it's Easy and it's Free!  

We are making great efforts to make your experience on Coollectors a friendly one. 

We have developed the Coollectors Bulk Lister tool to help you list multi items 

All you need to do, is fill in the attached CSV file and upload it at the Bulk Lister uploader page

We suggest that before you fill in the form and upload the file, review the "Add New Item" form on the site and review the Bulk Lister Help section to understand better the different fields in the form.  

Here you can upload pictures for your CSV file, simply by uploading the requested picture and copy the link which will appear after the upload to the CSV file.  

Browse for your picture here: