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Madhubani Paintings ...
Madhubani Paintings / Palanquin


Paintings The tradition of painting walls for
beautification of dwellings in Mithila (Bihar) is
believed to have survived from the epic period. The
Mithilis are known to adhere to the minutest details
in rituals from birth to death according to the
dictates of the Shastras (sacred texts on ritual
worship). These decorations are mythological murals,
added with deities of Hindu pantheon, besides
regional flora and fauna. The ceremonial folk
paintings - popularly identified as Madhubani
paintings - are the exclusive monopoly of women
artists, passing down for generations from mother
to daughter. The girl learns to play with the brush
and colours at an early age which finally culminates
in the Kohbar (nupital room), which acquires great
sanctity in the social life of Mithila. All
religious ceremonies relating to the marriage are
performed in the Kobhar. The deep (earthen lamp - a
symbol of happy conjugal life) is kept burning for
PALANQUIN is a wheelless chair, transported on
shoulder by two or more men. The word PALANQUIN
originates from Sanskrith where ‘Palki ’ refers
to the litter or the sedan chair for women of the
royal families. Women from affluent families ,
royalty or even the brides used to travel in covered
compartments. It was indecent for them to be exposed
to public gaze. The Britishers during their
association in Eastern India adopted this Palki and
coined the word PALANQUIN. In remote villages,
brides are still transported in palki !!!Size is 30
x 22 cms

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